Home Staging Tips and Tricks

A Quick Guide to Home Staging Tips!

blog 2Staging your home is very important in this competitive market. By highlighting your home’s strengths, downplaying its weaknesses your home will appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.

1.  Say goodbye to clutter.  According to the experts, a good rule of thumb is for every item that comes into your home, one has to leave. Clutter can consist of too many things on your bookshelf, too many magazines on the coffee table, or simply too much furniture. Think about what you absolutely need while your home needs to be staged and store any additional furnishings.

2.  Transform rooms.  Many of us have rooms that are solely for storage or that don’t really have a purpose. Transforming those rooms into purposeful ones will add more value to your home. For example turning a storage room into a guest room with a simple bed and nightstand, and voila! You have purpose.

3.  Keep it neutral.  Especially in large spaces, neutral colors can have a lasting impact on a buyer’s impression. Neutral paint can help hide any dated finishes. The wide variety of colors that encompass neutral extend far beyond a simple beige, this could mean a nice honey color or a soft blue-green.

4.  Three’s company.  When adding décor and accessories think outside the box. Go with an odd number of items, especially 3. Mix in different sizes and colors, so your decorating doesn’t go unnoticed.

5.  Bring the outside in. Nicely staged homes typically have a bouquet of fresh flowers and various plants dispersed throughout the house. Splashes of cheerful color will make your home seem inviting and stylish.